Tips On Turning a Guy On

Learning how to turn on a guy is one of the sexiest things a girl could ever do. It's hot, cute and oh-so-good at the same time. But what are the things that are a turn on for guys? Read these truthful tips on turning a guy on.

You need not know everything about how to turn a guy on even though you know all good manners in bed to your advantage. The turn on for guys, unlike what most girls assume, doesn't start and end in bed. You should know clearly well how a guy's mind works and what really matters to a guy if you really want to know everything about turning a guy on.

You could be sexy and great in bed, but unless you know these tips on turning a guy on, there's every chance that you're missing out on a great opportunity. You need to impress, seduce and turn a guy on all at the same time totally to your advantage!

Tips on turning a guy on
If you really want to make a guy fall head over heels for you and turn him on at the same time, you need to become attractive to him. You have to become more attractive and desirable to him to turn on a guy and make the heat on. It's a simple fact. If he desires you, he absolutely will get turned on by you. The more he desires you, the more he'll get turned on by you.

You can change the way your guy looks at you by reading these tips on turning a guy on and practising them.

Make him feel sexy
Knowing how to turn on a guy is also about knowing how to stroke his little ego. He'll be a lot more turned on around you If he feels you be sexy and happy around you, He has a sexy smile, or great shoulders, or the cutest tight bum? Let him know about it.
Reveal your wild side
Every guy likes a sweet and cute girlfriend who can have a great time with his family. You need to reveal your wild side with very good sexy shows to become more desirable and acceptable. Knowing that his girlfriend is a little minx on the wild side when she's not trying to make a good impression then there's nothing more than that can turn on a guy. You record yourself in your lingerie on your cell phone or directly welcome him home in your sexy lingerie. Cell phone clips should be ideally deleted after showing it to him. 

Flirt with him
You could be flirting with him even while you are away from your home for some time. Take his hands and put it around your waist. You can flirt outrageously through a conversation at a coffee shop like you're both total strangers. Flirt with him and let him know that the love is still young and wild. 

Flirt with other guys
Now, this might come as a surprise. But it's a sure winner. Your guy will more jealous and desire you more provided other guys fancy you more impressed by your looks or capabilities. So just because you're in a steady relationship doesn't mean you shouldn't flirt with other guys. Flirt with other men, but never cross that invisible barrier. Stick to your rules, you can see but you can't touch. You won't believe how much it would turn on your guy. 

Show skin
Every guy wants his girlfriend to look gorgeous when they're out on a date. It's shallow, yes, but completely true. One of the biggest turns on for guys is a bit of skin. If you want to know how to turn a guy on, especially when you're on a vacation, read couples on the beach. 

Tips on turning a guy on in bed
This is the absolute summary of the tips to turn him on and this is a small part of knowing how to turn on a guy.  So use them to your advantage.

Talk dirty in bed
You can feel his mind exploding in ecstasy when you whisper dirty things in his ear. Start dirty talking in bed and whisper your wildest thoughts. You can turn him on by asking him to do really dirty things to you by calling him dirty names. Talking dirty while making out really makes really sexually exciting

Experiment with him
Every man wants his girlfriend to be, as Usher puts it, a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. Missionary is cosy and loving, but having other positions and tricks up your sleeve will only turn him on more and desire you more. And hey, he's going to learn a few moves to please you too. So it's win-win in any case.

Take control
If you're trying to turn a guy on in bed, take control and see how it works. Command him to do your bidding, hold him by his hair and push him down, spank him etc. leaves you both really excited and aroused. 

Play coy and shy
Play coy and shy when you're trying to turn on a guy. Tease him and push him away, but make him come back. 

Be the wild stallion
You can try this great method to turn on a guy. It doesn't matter if it's your first kiss or your millionth because the wild stallion works wonders. Let him take the lead into kissing you and making out with you. This works best with passionate kisses and foreplay. Most girls don't get this right and are an art to learn. Kissing can be a fun, sensual activity for both men and women. While making out If you want to turn a guy on, there are lots of ways to enhance the sexual experience for him. 

Kissing on the Mouth
Freshen up first. Many times, making out happens after a date night. If you've been eating or drinking, be sure you make an effort to assure your breath is fresh. If you're at your own place or his place, run to the bathroom and make quick use of mouth-wash. You can also invest in Altoids, mint gum, or breath strips. You can buy all these products at a drugstore or your local market.

Escalate the kissing gradually. A good make out session progresses gradually. Pay attention to the man's reactions; try to get a sense of what he likes and dislikes. Use your tongue. Tongue gives great enjoyment while kissing during making out. Be sure you use the tongue to the maximum if the man you're kissing seems to enjoy it. See if he initiates using his tongue. 

Tease him. Try to do minor teasing while making out as it can really turn a guy on. Pause kissing for a few seconds and then resume. Kiss the neck and ears. Men, like women, have erogenous zones throughout the body. These are areas that respond sexually to physical contact. The neck and ears tend to have a lot of nerve endings.                

Touch a guy's face while making out. The face is a sensual spot on a man's body. Gently rub his stubble and rub his cheeks. 

Using Your Body
Smile and maintain eye contact. Before you begin making out, keep eye contact steady. This will show a man you're interested and can help turn him on. A smile between kisses. A man will be turned on if he pulls away for a moment and sees you smiling.

Touch his body. Run your fingers over his back lightly. If he's not wearing a shirt, consider using your nails. Some men enjoy mild scratching.

You can also touch his arms, legs, chest, and any other body parts that are easily accessible.

Use your whole body. Don't just use your face and hands during a make-out session. Using your entire body can help turn a man on.

Lean into him as you make out. You can even push yourself on top of him or pull him on top of you. Communicate. The best way for healthy physical contact is to communicate openly. Talk to your partner about what he does and does not enjoy. Try starting a conversation by saying something like, "I really care about you and want you to enjoy our physical intimacy.