Things to Talk With a Guy To Keep Him Interested

Women often find it difficult to keep a guy interested in talks or on different conversations. Many girls sweat it out trying to maintain interest of the guy in her. In this article, we guide you what you should talk to the guy to keep him interested. 

One of the strong tools to keep the relationship float is communication. The more you communicate with each other the bonding becomes strong and powerful.

We are going to discuss some of the conversation categories to evolve your relationship as under:

  • Discuss his hobby: Guys enjoy talking about their hobbies. Talking to him about his hobbies will surely keep him interested and you will know about his hobbies too. You can also interweave your hobbies to make the conversation more interesting and keep it on for a long duration.

  • Discuss about his favorite game:  A guy always loves girl talking about games. This boosts up your sex appeal. As a girlfriend you need to know about his passion and desire. This topic always keeps the guy’s interest as games are always their interesting part and way of relaxation.

  • Discuss about his work and future goals: Men feel proud of their job. Make sure to ask him about his work and his ongoing project. Though it is little dicey to talk about the future goals as many of them feel insecure. If you assure him that you will be his pillar and support. He will surely open and express everything he has on his mind and will become a medium of creating a good bond between you both.

  •  Ask him how was his day? Though it looks like a mundane question  but deep down everyone wishes to have someone to simply share whatever happened during the day. So carry on the conversation without hesitation about how his day went. You will notice that over the period of time he will start valuing this question.

  • Asking questions like what’s the worst and best thing about being male? : This question is actually great as it has lot of fun to answer and you will be surprised to find out some things you didn’t know. You might try to move the conversation to talk some small annoying things being a guy. This will bring your guy more close and make him comfortable and interested too.

  • Discussing about innovative things and big events: Everyone has their own innovative ideas on certain topics. Talking to your guy about the same will create interest in the conversation and gathering information from both of you might definitely give birth to new things and he will certainly like this.  Also discussing about the big events happening in one’s life will keep a guy interested. It assures him the message that you really care for him when you are talking about some of the best and most important events in his life. He will get to know your affection for him which is very deep rooted; this is all you need to seal the bond of love.

  • Discussing about Family matters: Sometimes guy may have some family issues, talking to him about the same will make him feel relax and is the gesture for him that you will be in his life for a long time and is a way to strengthen the bond between you both. Discussing the family members might help him open up in front of you and he gets the assurance of you being part of his family and you really care about his family as you do for your family.

  • Discussion about his expectations: Every guy has some kind of expectations from the girl he is dating.  Discussing about his expectation will definitely create interest in him. You both will like and would feel more confident about each other and the relationship you have between you both. 

  • Humor always works: One of the way to keep the conversation on and interesting is creating humor. You need to crack few jokes and create some comic timing and see if it impresses him. This is also a good kind of conversation will help to stress out and he will definitely appreciate it when it comes from you.

  • Bucket list: Sharing bucket list is one of the ways for both of you and will always create interest. This concept is a great idea to find out what you both really want in life. You will get to know about the desires, passions and cravings. You can also find out the similarities from the items if any, from the bucket list and this type of conversation will give birth to altogether a new path.

  • Rapid fires: Be surprising.  Try playing rapid fire game with your boyfriend. This can be sometimes little tricky because there are chances of you knowing the fact you didn’t wanted to know about. Bring up a topic he knows a lot about and ask him to explain it to you. This will help you to find out what is on his mind and could be an interesting game to make a good bond between each other.

  • Discussion on sex: We all are aware that a guy would be happy to talk on sex at any point of time. They will happily wake up and are always ready to do it and discuss on this. So when you find that nothing is working on, why not put this wild card in and explore more in which you will be the queen.
Remember every guy is different, so choose appropriately the topics that you think will work best for your guy or pick questions that you really want to know the answers to. Sometimes though, you’ll be surprised at what a guy will find interesting. So even if you feel that these things he wouldn’t be interest in, it might be worth a shot.

Hope, this article will prove to be the guide to get some of the choices for you to keep your talks ongoing with your boyfriend.