Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Want to get to know your girl better? Communicate. It’s as simple as that.
In this article you shall find some ideas for things that you can talk about with your girlfriend.
For any relationship to move forward, it is important to talk to each other. Talking does not just mean verbal or textual exchange of words. It means more than that. Talking to your better half lets them know that you really care about what is going on in their life and that you take genuine interest in finding out.

There comes a time in every relationship where either of you might feel there is nothing much to talk about, especially when you talk to each other all the time. This is perfectly normal and that is why this article lists some interesting conversation starters that might help increase your intimacy as a couple:

1)Talking about the future
Being spontaneous and living in the moment is great, but more often than not women like to know where the relationship is headed. And not just that, you can also discuss with her your goals and aspirations and what you plan on doing in the coming years with your life, and she will gladly lend you her ears and it will make her happy that you see her as a part of your future.

2)About her
Talking to her about her dreams and goals, likes and dislikes not only makes her happy but also helps you find out what are the things that you have in common. It could be a goal, a hobby that you could both work on pursuing later on. Talking to her about her friends and family will give you better ways of communicating with her folk as you will know all about them and be able to charm them the same way that you did her.

3)Talk about her take on life
There is no better way than this to really get to know her. You are guaranteed to find out more than your previous knowledge of how she thinks about things. You get to see the world through her eyes and that is going to help a lot in understanding the way she reacts to things that happen in your relationship. This helps you understand her better and strengthens the relationship. It also makes her feel important, the fact that you care enough to know her opinion about things.

Girls are known for being a sucker for gossip. You just need to fuel them and then sit back and hear her talk endlessly. Ask her about her co-workers, friends and everything that happens while she is with them. Talk about her favourite movie or TV shows and let her describe each of these in details. All these things, small as they may seem, mean a more to girls than one can ever know.  And before you know it, you will be having a whole lot of fun gossiping together.

5)Share your secrets
Sharing your secrets with her is bound to make her feel extremely special and let her know that you trust her completely. This makes your relationship more intimate as you share each and everything with one another, even things that you don’t tell others. Tell her your secrets and she will surely return the favour by spilling her own. Having nothing to hide from your partner is a beautiful feeling.

6)Childhood and things from your past
Think of a funny or embarrassing memory from your childhood and then tell it to your girlfriend. Talk about your firsts- the first time you rode a bike, the first time you liked someone, and so on. Have a laugh with her about silly things you did as a kid. Tell her about your past; it lets her know that you feel comfortable enough with her to share things from the time before you met her. It will only bring you closer.

7)Ideas for dates and vacations
Girls spend half their time fantasizing about romantic dates and vacations. Just talk about places she would like to visit and get ideas about your next romantic escapade. She will surely enjoy talking about movies she likes along with some places to eat where she wants you to take her. This helps you plan and spend quality time together.

8)Compliment her
She puts in a lot of effort in looking good for you and it makes her feel special when you acknowledge that and tell her how beautiful she is. Compliments don’t necessarily have to be about looks, they could be about anything that you really like about her. Her voice, the way she cares about you more than anybody else, anything at all. Not only does this make her happy, it makes her feel loved and appreciated as well.

9)Things that she is passionate about
Find out about what things she likes to do in her free time. Ask her what her hobbies and interests are. You should be genuinely interested in knowing what gives your girlfriend true happiness.

10)Naughty talks
A couple’s chemistry is a big part of any relationship. And to keep that spark going, it is important to excite her from time to time with things that she likes to hear. Try dirty talking and suggestive conversations that have worked in the past and try new things too.

11)General knowledge
Any witty girl likes to have well rounded conversations with her boyfriend about whatever be the things happening around the world. And it is always good to be aware of the same. It makes you seem more attractive and she also gets to know more stuff with your aid.

12)About your day
Tell her about your day, this lets her know how comfortable you are with having her around. Don’t leave out any details, she will listen intently to everything that you have in store for her. At the same time, do not forget to ask her about her day.

13)Your fears
Share your fears and vulnerabilities with her. Open up to her completely and let her help you out in times of need. Let her know that you need her, not just in your happy times but in the sad ones as well.

Now you know how to fill in the awkward silences. Have a great time, while at it!