Things To Talk About With A Guy To Keep Him Interested

Have you met your great guy? If yes, what would your next step to cling onto him? Definitely, you would never let him slip through your fingers. Well, first thing first- ensure that you just fit the bill with the guy you have found. When you think he is the right guy, it feels like a drainer, while he is your spaghetti.  And will you want him to slip through the drainer? Of course not! There where you need to see if it slides through or sticks to it.

So, when you find him to be a good fit for you, you will want him to love you and you only. And you get to work your way to know how to keep your guy interested towards you. If you succeed, your relationship with him will be stronger and it is a long way to go. You know why because good men are hard to come by. In order to keep your guy interested, you need to talk some interesting things that he would like. Keep one thing in mind that he would not probably like those gossips involving mean girls at the office or your latest celebrity crush. So, forget about drawing his attention to these imitative dialogues. Rather do find out some exciting and newest things to make him interested in you. Here are those tricks you should do and talk to keep him glued to you for long.

Never Ever Show Your Prowess Over Him
First of all, if you are really keen to make your relationship stronger and run longer, never ever try to showcase your capacity. When talking about your bank accounts, if it turns out be more than his, he will never go to always die for women with giant brains and wealth but, their heart. Woo him with all the best amazing traits fall for you. That apart, if you are brainy and possess all the deftness to outdo him in a game of Scrabble, you can do. But, remember your intelligence may defeat him in a game but make you lose in the game of love. Men do not of yours. Don’t just do it once but do it repeatedly.

Know What His Interests Are
Men seldom engage in a conversation to know what someone else’s interests are. However, they love to cash in on the moment when asked to share their interests. So, why not ask him about his interest. By showing your keen inquisitiveness, you will prove that you are careful about his life and attentive towards his life interests.

You do not get enough chances to see men sitting with a group and discussing about their interests. They never find such free time to do so. However, if it is a shared interest, they do love to share it. So, wait for the moment and when you find your guy has the opportunity to share his interest, strike to keep him coming back to express his interest to you.

Discuss About His Works
Almost every man is found to be complacent about their works at offices. Since, 70% of them spend their time at work; they feel proud of their stature.
Ask him how has been his day at the office today? How is his work going? How was his last project? Did it come to everyone’s expectations? What are his next assignments at office? Or maybe, ask him about his goals in office.  Ask anything relative to his work and future. Your concern towards his works and other aspects of life will keep him interested in you.
Exploring A New Side To His New Hobby 
No matter, what are his hobbies and how boring are they- you are getting a new opportunity every time you try to explore them. And of course! A good topic to talk about with him- isn’t it? Maybe, at first it feels like wasting too much time after discussing bland things which are not your cup of tea hours after hours. But, they are quite interesting to him.

Ask him how he performed at bowling game with his friends at the weekend. Was it fun? Does he have more to learn to master the game?
Bowl him over by asking his permission if you could join him in his tournament next time. Your guy will be surprised to know that you are interested about his hobbies and he will be happy to have you by his side.  
Discussing Beyond Normal Dialogues
Now, it is time to go beyond those casual things and dive into some serious conversations. “Sex”- this word has so much in it to talk about that refuses to cease. It adds spice to your romantic life and offers both of you extra close attention. Sometimes, sex discussions may be sensitive for men if you think it is not fair.  Make it a part of a great conversation topic but in a different way. Instead, you talk about the bedroom to keep him glued to your talks.

Do discuss what interests you the most. Forget not to ask him what does he prefer to do? Opening up yourself to him and let him know that you would love to discuss what sometimes is regarded unethical. Well, this has a plus side to it that it would remove all those barriers that are supposed to ruin an evolving relationship. So, express that you do not mind discussing some topics beyond those usual things.

Be An Admirer 
It’s not like that women do have all the right to feel shy when hearing praises about their lustrous locks and nails. But, men too love to be praised. So, don’t wait for those signs he is looking for. Instead, do praise his new pair of workout outfit. Praise him to look ultra smart with those pair of gym dresses. Ask him what new workout programs he likes. Or which workout regimen works best for him for the ultimate transformation. With these interesting things, you can keep him interested.
Bring Humor To Your Conversation
Why not spice up your conversation with some humorous words. These are important since they remove tediousness from the long conversation and make things look interesting. So, switch to humorous talks with him. If he gets to explore your humorous side, he seems to be more attractive to you. So, bring humor and fun to your conversation and make him crave for you.
So, when you are targeted to keep him interested to you, it seems a tough job for you. Since they are intended to move their attention every now and then, you need to cautious. But, try this conversation tactic to keep your guy interested. They will work for you.