Text Messages To Start a Sexy Conversation

Want to hit someone up with a naughty text message? Set up the mood for a naughty conversation with the help of some ideas that are mentioned down below.

Every relationship needs its share of text messaging, even the sexual kind, in order to let your partner know how much you crave their presence when they are not around. And when it comes to dirty talk, texting is probably the most convenient way of letting your partner know of all the nasty, kinky stuff that goes on inside your head. It gives you enough time to think of a sexy comeback.
In the beginning, sexting can feel a bit awkward. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. We have all been there, done that. 
No worries, though, we have got it all covered in this article.

Sexting your partner
Sending a sexy text to someone you want should come to you naturally. It doesn’t need anything except for you to be horny and as long as you are in the mood for it, you can simply be yourself and you will find yourself coming up with things that you need to be saying.

Stuff you need to know before sexting
Something like “I want you right here right now” or “Come and fuck me” should send the message straight forward, but there is a catch.
When you text someone something too explicit, the sensual appeal of your message is lost. Although it may seem exciting to you, to your partner it may seem boring and way too direct. They may just play along with your mood, without actually feeling aroused. You want to be able to get their attention.
As fun as explicitly sexual things are to text, they do not always work as they cut out on the suspense completely and go straight to climax. In reality, it’s not practical to keep asking your partner to just “come and get you” multiple times a day. You need to involve your partner in the kind of conversation that makes them think of you, minus the clothes that you have on.
You want your partner to be equally involved in the conversation. And for that, you need to build up the sexual energy. You need to excite them with a slow and steady paced conversation and in this manner you will both be able to get the most out of it.

Ideas to start a sexy conversation
Mystery is key to keeping things exciting. You want to keep the conversation naughty but mysterious at the same time, so that your partner gets no idea of the things that you have going on in your mind at first. 
Let them think that they are the ones building up the conversation when it is actually you who set the sparks flying in the first place. Sexting is best enjoyed when the level of enthusiasm on both sides is equivalent. 
Here are some subtle yet sexy ideas for a suggestive conversation-

1)Can you guess what I’m doing right now? (What?) Peeing.
2)I wonder why I’m feeling so cold even under a blanket. Oops, let me put some clothes on.
3)I wish you were here right now. Guess what we would be doing.
4)Hey, I found a guy/girl who looks just like you. (Send the link of an explicit video featuring someone really attractive so that your partner can feel flattered.)
5)What are you wearing at the moment?
6)I bet you couldn’t guess the color of my underwear right now.
7)My legs are missing something between them. (What?) You.
8)I can’t wait to show you this new set of underwear that I ordered. 
9)If you were with me right now, where would you like me to touch you?
10)(What are you doing?) Watching porn.
11)My hands were sort of busy, but I took a break to text you.
12)I was just imagining that you are with me, right now.
13)I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t help but think of all the things we would be doing if you were here with me right now.
14)I was just searching for some sex toys online. Help me out?
15)I had this really naughty dream last night with you in me… sorry, it.
16)I am not a kiss and tell kind of a person but right now all I want is for you to kiss me and do all kinds of stuff to me in your head and tell me all about it.
17)I’m really bored, lying in my bed. Wanna play Simon Says?
18)What do you feel like doing after our date tomorrow?
19)It’s really hard to sleep with two pussies humping about and meowing outside the window of my bedroom. (You could also use dog humping, if you’re a dog person.)
20)Bored? Come play a game with me.
21)It’s so hot in here. Let me take some clothes off and text you back.
22)I’m in a *name of a place, say lift* and there is couple kissing each other really hard.
23)Can’t believe I went outside commando, again. I really need to start wearing underwear.
24)I was just sucking on a popsicle. Want a picture?
25)I had this dream about you and I woke up all wet.
26)Send me a picture of your mouth, tongue out, right now.
27)I want to fuck you so hard that you can’t feel your legs.
28)I still have your taste on my tongue from this evening when we met.
29)My nipples are getting really hard talking to you.
30)I’m thinking about some really dirty things right now. Would you like to know them?

Just remember to keep it coming naturally and let your inhibitions take a stroll as you let out the sex goddess/god in you. As long as you go with the flow, it should work out just fine.
Good luck to you!