Relationship Questions To Test Your Compatibility

Relationship Questions To Test Your Compatibility

Relationship compatibility is indeed important to decide the health symptoms of your relationship.

Those were the days when someone seemed pretty ideal and the only soul mate to go a long distance with you.  Maybe much later, was there any conflict in your mind about the compatibility between you? You face many instances in the ongoing relationship that force you to think this way.

It is normal to be involved in a long-term relationship with your mate. But, is it okay to develop some bizarre experiences later about it? This is something we need to discover.  

At the beginning, it felt great and exciting to have her/him in your life. When your fondness of music and jokes found the resemblances to that of his/her tastes and the world seemed to be crazy and unbelievable. You wanted the whole world to be all ears to your words that you had found someone special who were you looking for years. It was just amazing to be the perfect match for each other. However, everything went upside down when the strange things about her/him became unraveled to you bit by bit.
On some fine morning, your heart was racing faster to meet her/him at the park, but you ended finding nothing in front of your sight. As it grew your apprehension, she/he was less likely to care about your feelings. The more impatient you became, the slower she/he became to pay any heed to you. And gradually and slowly, you were intended to look at the inner self of the relationship, which opened up to you a clear indication of incompatibilities. And there where you decided to break every shackle and go free from the uninteresting and lifeless relationship.

There where you need a compatibility test to assess the chemistry between you, its longevity and the real meaning of the relationship. It is rather helpful to not waste your precious time after someone who does not deserve your love and care. So, go for a compatibility test to judge if she/he is the right choice for you or not. 
Before we move ahead, let us discover some ways to evaluate the compatibility. What it takes to be a good couple- this is an important parameter that helps us determine our decision towards building a perfect relationship.


Our upbringing decides the acts of dealing with someone in a relationship. The aspect of handling conflicts, methods of communication and other is impacted by our family culture. Though you cannot blame a person based on his family dynamic, it is a great way of consideration.


It is an important parameter to assess a person’s behavior towards different people around them. It helps us differentiate between good or bad persons. Pay attention to every detail that entails to a person’s overall characterization and behavioral approach. Never let “best side” of someone hover over their “negative traits”. For instance, if a person is polite to you and on the contrary, you see him/her being rude to someone else below them, it must be a straight no.

Compatibility Issues 

The fondness, differences, values, and goals matter when the compatibility potential comes your way. Maybe in the early days of a relationship, there is some minor compatibility which you want to overlook. This is where you make a mistake and may take a risk to ruin your life. No matter how exciting the sex and how attractive is your partner, never compromise with your values and desires only to go as your love interest likes. Better get it this way, if you hate smoking, don’t settle with someone who smokes. Or if you love adventure and enjoy your life to the fullest, get away from someone who wants to settle instantly.

Well, let us see those important relationship questions to assess your compatibility with your partner. Settle with your partner and ask these questions to her/him.

#1.  Can you compromise with your career for the sake of a successful relationship?
#2. What is your take on a romantic getaway?
#3. What is a cheat in your definition?
#4. Is it easy to say sorry to me even if it is not your fault?
#5. Are you still in contact with your ex?
#6. How should a couple plan financial matters?
#7. Do you believe it is banal to celebrate Valentines’ Day?
#8. Would you stand the flirting of someone else if I am not around?
#9. Do you love to accept romantic gifts as a memorabilia or a useful one?
#10. What is the special memory between us that you want to hold?
#11. What way would you want to spend a special day with me?
#12. What have you got to know about myself in the past few years?
#13. Do you think you are irresponsible? If so, what are those areas?
#14. How should a life be?
#15. Do you fantasize sex?
#16. Does sacrificing make you happier?
#17. Do you think that lies are fine to make our relationship better?     
#18. Is there any annoying behavior of couples that irritate you?
#19. Which personality does impress you much- a handsome guy or clever guy?
#20. Did I come to your dreams in the recent times?
#21. What is the worst thing in your life that turned you off?
#22. What do you think about the sexiest thing about a person of an opposite sex?
#23. Do you want to try the wildest sexual frenzy with me? If so, what would be that?
#24. Does it make you feel insecure when I spend long hours at work?
#25. How many times were you sexually involved with multiple partners?
#26. Do you crave to do something craziest for me?
#27. What do you think when a person should get married?
#28. Whose side would take during an argument between me and your mother?
#29. Can you relocate for me?
#30. What does matter to you the most - sexual chemistry or spending time together?

So, when you have a thinking that something is not well between you two, you get the help of these questions to assess your compatibility. Settle down and ask her these questions and decide if your relationship is worth surviving or ebbing out.