How to Make Love to a Girl

Making out with a girl is an art which needs a lot of experience and guidance behind it. You may have been lucky at times, but if you want a fool-proof guide on how to make out with a girl, here's a guide on how to make out, and make her love it!

So you want to know how to make out with a girl and make her go weak in the knees while you're at it? Making out can be so much fun, but at most times, the guy can't really understand how far he can push his luck or his hands. Ever been there? You start with kissing the girl at the right moment, and again when the time is right, you place your hand on her breasts and start playing with them.

And all of a sudden, it's shut down mode. The girl gets upset with your moves to move fast with her, suddenly pulls herself out sharply, she tugs her clothes closer together, stares at you like you just violated her limits and tells you it's time to go. And then, yeah, there's that deathly silence. Hmm… awkward!

How to make out with a girl
You may not know this, but there's a sexy way to make out with a girl, make her love it and make it so hard to resist, she'll want you all over her in no time.

You need to be at least 20 years old as this is not kid's stuff and your ID is required for identification. It is not like the game for the players to be coached by a Super Fella and it is no kids' stuff. This is for grown men who want to know the art of seduction. If you're under 20, you've still got time to learn these moves, so go read yahoo answers!

Making out and making her love it
Let's get straight to the point. You have gone out on a date and now, you've somehow strategically found yourself in some quiet corner, alone with your girl and you need to make your moves with her so that you get her in your side. You could be conveniently located in a car, your room, her living room or even in a park so that you can open out with her. You need to make out with a girl the smooth way without any upsets. Don't put your arms around her, that's just lame and too dominating. She has to be involved and play the game too. Now to really understand these steps, you need to slow down and visualize these steps, one at a time. 

Arouse her with words
Now we're not talking about getting dirty with words. It's your first date, so play nice. Talk about feelings. Talking about feelings in the middle of intercourse is very much appreciated by a woman. You can talk about multitude subjects of her interest like how nice the date was; how great a time you had, and more butterflies and pillow talk. 

Breathe and relax
To get over the nervousness be really calm and relaxed. As your vibes rub off on her she will be very calm and relaxed too.

Tease her with your hands
You have to make her warm up and make her comfortable so that she is free of any tension. As you're talking to her, try touching her. Make is very cool and casual, don't linger and don't make it seem like a big deal. Keep on talking smoothly for her to build up confidence. You don't want all the focus on the touching. You have to make her feel comfortable with your touch. 

Read the signs
Always remember this, watch out for how she reacts. If she feels threatened at any time, or if her tone changes, she's probably feeling uncomfortable. She will talk in a lower tone and little subdued if she's feeling all comfortable with your touch, also you can expect her to look a little sleepy by now. Get the flirty touches right and she'll be purring inside like a cute kitty that's just got horny.

Warming up for the kiss
Slide a bit closer to her. Don't do it discreetly. Avoid giving desperate signs as girls are good at reading signs. By doing it discreetly, it can appear a bit creepy or even too desperate. Make it obvious. After a couple of minutes, without any hesitation at all, go close to her and kiss her cheek softly which she will enjoy. Linger for a second and sit back calmly. Now, most experts say you should go close to her and wait for the kiss, but the Super Fella doesn't like leaving things to chance, so screw that waiting game. 

If things have been going well, she's probably going to break into a big grin. And if it hasn't gone too well, just look awkward, apologize and say "I'm really sorry, I just couldn't help myself…". You just kissed her cheek. No girl's going to take offence for that anyways. She has to lead the play and you need to play it safe and not take too many chances.

Moving in really close
Move your fingers delicately from her ear and gently move your fingers from her ears towards her chin. Now we build up the tension. Maximum concentration should be given to your fingers which will do all the action. As you caress her face, move in closer slowly and kiss her cheek. Deliberately touch your nose with hers, linger for a few more seconds with every kiss, and then come really close to her lips.

It's kissing time! It is not yet time to kiss her, but go closer and graze her lips with yours a few times. Go as close as possible to her lips without touching her lips and stay there for a second. That's enough time for anyone to back away. And then, move in for the kiss. Be gentle and soft, and don't get pushy even if you're excited and can't hold back. Now you can give way to aggression as leading from passion and this is half-way in this guide on how to make out with a girl. Get this first step right, and you would have warmed up for a lot of good things to come. You should be prepared to use your hands under her shirt and how to touch a woman's breasts.

You have to find out and follow her likes and dislikes in love-making in case if you intend to continue a relationship with the girl. Step by step, making love to a girl is not all that difficult.

Girls love communication. Sweet talk is a must. Most girls really appreciate being told that they are beautiful. Giving compliments and making a connection, is very important steps before love-making.

Do not forget ample foreplay. This cannot be stressed enough; foreplay is one of the most important aspects of sex. Women also love it when the whole body is stroked gently making them feel appreciated.

Make eye contact. Making eye contact is sometimes very important. You need to make sure that your partner feels attractive and wanted. Also, making eye contact really adds intensity to the love-making. Be careful, on the other hand, not to make too much eye contact. This could seem rehearsed and probably a little creepy. Just remember, the occasional glance into each others' eyes is very sexy and girls love it.

Call her name occasionally during intercourse. Intimacy is very important to a girl. She needs to feel that 'she' is exciting to you, 'she' is the reason for our arousal and 'she' is wanted.

Make love to her. Making love to a girl is just that. Don't lose yourself completely in intercourse, leaving all other niceties behind. Try to keep contact by kissing, stroking or whispering in her ear while making love. This will drive her wild.

Do not roll over and go to sleep. Make sure you spend some happy moments after sexual intercourse, light talking and laughing together. Even if you are not in a relationship with this person, it is always nice to enjoy the afterglow of love-making. Simple respect and gentleness are all you need to be successful and enjoy your time with your partner.