How to get a fuck buddy

Looking for a physical relationship with no strings attached? Want to get yourself a fuck buddy
Read along to find out how you can get one.
Becoming fuck buddies is usually completely unplanned. It mostly just happens on its own. There is no need of first impressions, or giving each other thoughtful presents, all you really need to become fuck buddies is lust and a mutual physical attraction.

When do people become fuck buddies?
It actually happens when it is least expected. Mostly, a fuck buddy is found when one is deep down in the pits of grief, trying desperately to get over a break up. 
People also become fuck buddies while they are drunk and with alcohol and raging hormones swarming inside the body, they often find themselves getting involved in a sexual way with the person they happen to be hanging out with. It could be a friend, a coworker, a mere acquaintance, as long as the attraction is mutual, there is no stopping the two.
You can not simply expect to become fuck buddies with someone out of the blue. It is a slow and natural process. For instance, once you have had a hot night with a buddy, you can talk about your situation and see if they would be willing to do it again. If they are, then congrats, cause you just got yourself a fuck buddy!

The pros of having a fuck buddy
As a career focused person, it is often very difficult to maintain a good love life, keeping track of someone else’s emotions and doing loving things to make them happy. In general too, for people who find it hard to invest themselves emotionally into a relationship, the perfect solution is to get a fuck buddy of their own. You could be completely uninterested in getting involved romantically with one another, yet want to have sex with each other. That is the kind of ideology that being fuck buddies with someone entails. The best part about having one is the lack of effort that needs to be put from your end- no tantrums, no remembering anniversaries, there is no need to even meet them regularly or take them out on dates. You can simply call them up and invite them over to get down to business. For people with commitment issues, this is the best way to get what they want without feeling trapped into a web of emotions. Having  a fuck buddy is better than a one night stand as you grow to be comfortable with them and can always rely on them in times of need. The idea of being friends with benefits is fast becoming wide spread. There are thousands of dating apps out there meant to make people meet and hook up.
Too good to be true scenario? Well, it definitely seem like it! 

The cons of having a fuck buddy
Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with the concept of fuck buddies. You can hook up with someone that you are attracted to without it having to become something serious and having a future. Not every sexual endeavour needs to turn into something long lasting. Just lock your feelings away if you want to make it last, and end it as soon as you can if you find them getting attached. 
Another thing people worry about most when considering becoming fuck buddies is the fear of ruining the friendship. Well, that is a calculated risk and you should only carry on if you are willing to take it. If one of you develops feelings for the other, it does pretty much become a recipe for disaster, but if you are clear about keeping it simply physical and have a good mutual understanding, things should work out just fine. And since there lies a possibility that this type of friendship might not last forever, you might want to enjoy it to its fullest while it does last.  
As far as getting a STD is concerned, you might want to be careful as regardless of that person being your fuck buddy, it is always a possibility and you should make sure to be safe so you do not have any regrets later ahead.

Getting yourself a fuck buddy
Getting yourself a fuck buddy does not work the same way as getting yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can not trick someone into sleeping with you or get them drunk and hope to have sex with them. There needs to be mutual sexual attraction. The key driving factor to keep this relationship (stop freaking out, no commitment alarms here) going, you need to keep the sexual tension alive and strong. You need to be focused on keeping things strictly sexual and avoid going out with them, or indulging in anything romantic. You want to avoid sharing personal details and talking about romantic things like the traits you look for in the person you want to be with in future. These details are simply unnecessary for the kind of relationship you both share and might end up scaring them away or making things complicated. You can just hit them up when you feel horny, fuck them, and get your ass back where it belongs until the next time you need them. It can be thought of as a car rental service, where there is no long term contract or need for maintenace. It is purely about convenience.
To check if your friend or buddy might want to get naked with you, you can send them flirty messages and see how they reciprocate. From there on, you can either take things ahead or put an end to your ideas of a tryst based on their reaction.

With these tips in mind, you can go get your very own fuck buddy. Just remember to draw a clear line between your needs and feelings and keep it all about the sex. As long as you both want the same things from each other, there will be no complications. So leave those worries aside and focus on having fun!