how to eat out a girl

We all are aware that when it comes to sex or making love, the desires and imaginations are different for every individual but there are some universal rules of sex that is applicable to everyone. So, beware that you do not break them. Many times we all might have gone through disappointing experiences due to some or the other reasons when it comes to oral sex.

In this article, we are going to tell you some tips on how to please a girl during oral sex or rather we can say how to eat out a girl.

Yes, we are talking about going down on girls using tongue. 

Firstly, it is very important to make sure that your girl is comfortable and relaxed before you get to the main act. You can start with kisses and then start licking every alphabet and curves; this will act as fuel to increase the fire in her. 

  • Play with clitoris: One of the ways is to hold off with her clitoris as long as you can. That doesn’t mean you directly go down. To begin with, start licking softly. You should continue doing exactly same for a while to take her to climax. Though many of them think that switching up is exciting. It completely is a disaster. Switching up will completely ruin whatever you did and you have to start all over again and let me tell you, it’s not at all fun for both of you. Lick away patiently in the same rhythm.

  • Doggy greet: This technique involves oral sex and doggy style. This technique if done perfectly gives your girl multiple orgasms.

  • Up and Down trick: Use up and down motion while licking her clitoris, change the pressure and speed of your movement until you find what  makes her really going.

  • Hinting: Approaching repeatedly to sensitive areas with indulging occasionally helps in building anticipation. It is a foreplay technique wherein you stimulate everything of your women including inner thighs, labia just excluding clitoris with a light touch. 

  • Edging:  increases pleasure by repeatedly coming close to an orgasm and then backing off.  This technique creates stimulation, builds longer and more intense orgasms of women.

  • Teasing:  Approaching to the point where she exactly wants you to be and then getting somewhere else slowly and steadily wins the race. The whole technique builds up when you start kissing her neck, squeezing her boobs and licking thighs. This teasing and changing the tempo will surely create fire in your girl and then just listen to her and when she grabs you and whispers not to stop, don’t stop.

  • Rhythm technique: Create rhythm with circulation pattern motion creating a musical rhythm. You can change the movement and slow down as the orgasm is built.

  • Vibration technique: While licking the clitoris using of vibrator simultaneously will increase stimulation. Do not use with force, use it to just build the orgasm.

  • Surprise her with varied motions which will keep the body guessing. This pattern involves interchanging techniques like hinting, rhythm, accenting and edging. Layer the clitoris indirectly with skin or a thin layer of clothing which will add on to stimulate the clitoris. 

  • Suction technique: Licking is not only the pattern to build the orgasm or eat your girl, pull her clit with your lips, kiss that area.  Create suction with your mouth which girls are not used to. They will go crazy with your this technique.

  • Do what she really wants: Whisper in her ears as to what she wants to make her enjoy her body. This will allow the ball to be in her court and you will know exactly about her pleasures. 

  • Create intensity: Try to create intensity by switching the positions and movements. Speeding and slowing the tempo intensifies the orgasm. It’s great to make her want to reach orgasm but don’t pressure her to orgasm.  Many women are sensitive though her pleasure is important which makes you feel good, it is necessary not to put pressure on her.

  • The easiest way for your girl to make her want more sex is first understands her bodily needs. They always want to be caressed, fondled, loved and whisper to make them turn on. However, some women easily reaches climax with oral sex. The research shows most of the women need adequate foreplay to build the orgasm. 

  • Use your tongue for oral sex. It has to be like a well-placed kiss, moist, unhurried, and organized. It should not just be about seeing how far you can stick your stiff tongue in. 

  • Massaging the vulva and kissing, touching and caressing before beginning oral sex creates stimulation. Continuing the pattern for the rest of the body especially the legs and back add on to the orgasm.

  • Many women take longer time to reach the climax than men. So, you do not think that your three minutes act down is enough to get her right there.

  • Your girl feels that she is not very attractive down there which is not at all true. You should tell your woman with all your sincerity what you really like about her vagina and what is appealing to you – the color, taste, shape or smell. 

  • "Like that" means "exactly like that," not "faster."

  • It is not necessary that when the women are quiet, she is not enjoying, it’s actually a good sign. Women love to be truly intimate with no pressure and no rush. When they lightly moan, it means that they love the way you are eating her.

  • Fingers are a tongue's best friend and for the love of god, just listen to your partner: Listen to your partner and acting the way she is demanding will make her reach the climax and it will make you feel good.  Use of fingers along with the combination of tongue will help her feel multiple orgasms.

    However, reading all the oral sex tips is a waste, if your partner isn't in the mood or doesn't like what you're doing. So, it is better to communicate before proceeding for the act. A little practice and knowing her wishes and doing what she wants will make her scream out