Homemade Dildos

Masturbation is something that people indulge in, regardless of their relationship status. It is just that when you feel aroused, your partner is not around to satisfy you. You want to enjoy and explore your own body. In all this aspects, masturbation is an option that many people choose. And let me tell you that it is harmless, making you feel awesome and many people are engage in it. There is nothing wrong and it doesn’t means that you are not satisfied by your partner or you are desperate or you have no self-control. It is just that you wish your desires to be relieved which will make you feel good.

What are Dildos? 
Not everyone are aware of the fact that Dildos are in existence since long back years and are simply awesome tools to satisfy your sexual desires. The benefit of Dildos is that we can use the way we want to just hit the right spot to satisfy ourselves giving incredible feeling at the time of masturbating alone.

How will you manage if you do not have Dildos available?
When the Dildos are not available when you are feeling horny then it’s time to make your own Dildos. You might feel comfortable with using some Dildos which adds no cost and are easily available at your home though different people like to enjoy with different things. Here we are going to discuss some of the homemade Dildos to satisfy your desire and help you enjoy more giving pleasure.

Many people use hands as one of the first thing to masturbate. Use of fingers allows figuring out the experience either by penetrating into your genitals or enjoying internal and external stimulation. Using hands while masturbating gives you experience of different types of pressures letting you know which sensations make you enjoy more.

Electric toothbrush: 
This tool proves to be great for masturbation and is in more common use as a sex toy. Make a note that you are not using the same for both the use and are using the non- bristled end. It is recommended to cover it with a condom and use in a desirable way.

Back Massagers: 
We often keep back massagers at home for our personal care made of plastic. Many people use it as Dildos at the time of masturbation.

Electric Razor: 
You will get same kind of experience as you get with electric brush. You just have to remove the sharp attachment and use it by covering with a condom.

Banana Fruit: 
Another homemade Dildo is use of banana which can be easily found at home. When you are sexually aroused, you can grab a banana to act upon you, the way you desire. Take care to wash it carefully before you use and cover it with a condom. Also note that sometimes, the end of banana would be sharper, so use it with care.

Removable shower head: 
This tool is a great option. The pressurized water on the genitals gives you utmost pleasure while having bath. Masturbating with a shower head is a common practice. But we often hear that using shower head will cause damage to your genital parts and also can decrease the sensitivity over the time.  However, it is not true though you will experience numbness if used over an extended point of time.

Cucumber is one of the thing which can be used as Dildo having perfect shape to satisfy your stimulation and easily available in the season. There will be no side effects if used after proper wash and covering with a condom and get on the job.

Vibrators surprisingly proves to be a stealthy and almost everyone would have at least one object in our house that can create vibration. After considering some safety precautions you can convert them into vibrators and get your job done.  Just note that you are not using any sharp edge item or anything which can break off easily and create a mess. Do not use anything with an electrical current. Use it to stimulate your external genital parts and avoid penetrating inside your vagina. Also note that you are not sharing your Dildos with anyone else because it will be very unhygienic and insecure to use the same thing at the time of masturbating.

To make it a hassle free act, just take care that you are not using any sharp or pointed item which will cause damage to your genitals. Also take care that you are using any instrument or thing which is breakable and gets shatter while using. You should use objects which are smooth, and are comfortable to hold. It is utmost necessary to cover the object with a condom to avoid the side effects and keep unwanted bacteria entering your body. Make a note that if you are using food items for sexy purposes, then they will be no longer considered edible to eat. 

If you are planning to use any Dildo for anal stimulation, it should have flared base because you will run into problem if it is sucked inside your body.

These tips are to guide you to have an eye for safety while enjoying the fantasies with the Dildos and it is wonderful thing to explore your own body in unique and different way. 

Safety Rules for Dildos:
  • Cover  your dildos with a condom
  • Avoid using sharp edge and pointing objects 
  • Do not use objects which can break, shatter inside you
  • Make only external use of electrical items.
  • Do not share your Dildos with other person to avoid spreading bacteria or infection
  • Avoid electric objects in the tub or shower.

    It is better and safer to use your brains and act smartly to avoid yourself with a situation which will make you feel ashamed in front of others. If you feel that these Dildos are not satisfied your urge or desire, it is time to invest on some expensive Dildos which are usually made of silicone, glass and hard plastic.