Creep guy types you need to avoid

There are many kinds of creepy guys in the world. Read along to find the different types that you need to be avoiding and what makes them that way.
Guys can seem to be creepy for a variety of reasons. Some can be creepy because of the way they look at you, some because of how grim they come across as, and others for different reasons. 

What makes a guy seem creepy?
Being creepy is subjective. What may seem creepy to one girl, might actually be cute for another. However, we have all been there. Even the nicest of guys can sometimes come across as a real creep. What is it that makes him creepy then? Well, most of the time it is the feeling of awkwardness and discomfort that this person brings along with himself. You desperately start wanting an out and get as far away from them as possible. A general way to define a creepy guy would be someone who shows an interest in a girl who clearly does not reciprocate in a similar manner. To guys it may seem to be unfair to be categorised as creepy, but every girl has a right to decide who she does or does not want to interact with.

Types of creeps you want to avoid
Creeps can range from being mildly annoying to ones who you just don’t feel safe around. Here are the ten types of creeps that you want to stay away from:

1) The creep that keeps staring at the ladies
This is the creepy guy that just won’t stop staring at your breasts. Even if you catch him staring, and he knows you caught him, it just does not stop him from looking. He clearly has ill intentions in his mind. If a guy keeps looking you up and down in a manner that makes you uncomfortable, he is a creep that you need to stay away from.

2) The creep that gets extremely touchy
This kind of a guy is capable of grossing you out completely with the way he touches you even when you don’t want him to. He will use any excuse to come in physical contact. Be it a hug, a handshake, he will try and find a reason to touch you. He seems like the kind of guy who would even get his hand down your shirt if he had a chance. If you get goosebumps from even standing close to him, he is another type of creep that you need to be avoiding.

3) The creep with no sense of personal space
This could very easily be a coworker or a friend who just does not seem to understand the concept of personal space. He will stand so close to you that you can even tell what he had for breakfast. You can easily sense that there is a reason behind him getting close. You need to make it clear that you are not interested by pushing him away before he assumes you enjoy his invasion of your privacy.

4) The creep who likes to talk dirty
He is the type of guy who will say things that make you feel uncomfortable, like commenting on how your bra strap is showing, or throwing in a lewd comment about your body. He might be doing this out of the assumption that you are both engaging in a fun conversation that involves dirty talk and he might as well be wanting to do it with you pretty soon.

5) The creep who keeps boasting about his wealth
Now this is one of the weirdest types of creeps as he just assumes that women are drawn to rich guys and keeps on flaunting his wealth like he expects to get you into sleeping with him just because he has a lot of money. Well, money can not buy everything, and you want to back away from him and make it clear that you are not an item to be purchased and keep him away.

6) The creep with weird fetishes
Ever met a guy who goes overboard with his fetishes? Avoid him at all costs before he attempts to get you involved in his creepy ways.

7) The creep who likes to stalk
Have you ever observed a guy following you around wherever you go? He knows which bus you take home, which apartment you live in, and even the grocery store you visit. He is just everywhere. You need to avoid giving him any kind of attention and stay clear of him at all costs. If he ever tries to gets close or corner you, and you feel like you can’t handle it by yourself, try shouting for help. These kind of creeps usually scare easy.

8) The creep who likes younger girls
He could be of your dad’s age but that does not stop him from hitting on you. They are clearly desperate and needy of attention, and assume that younger girls would be easier to win over as they just can’t get someone their own age to go out with them. If you find an older friend getting all touchy feely with you, it might be time to stay away from them.

9) The creep who stares a lot
This is the kind of guy who leaves all other work and keeps staring at you for no apparent reason. You could find someone like this at work, or even at a coffee shop. He may even smile eerily everytime you have an eye contact.

10) The creep who is obsessed with you
This guy is a nightmare. He will creep you out with his overly loving ways. Even if you tell them you are not interested, they will just assume you are playing hard to get and carry on with creepy downpours of affection. You just can’t get this guy to believe that you do not feel the same way about them.

It would be best to steer clear of these kind of guys and be on the lookout always.