Crazy Things To Do WIth Friends

It becomes harder to be crazy as the older you get in your life. Try these 32 crazy things to do with friends while you're still young enough to get away with them.
Not to do have to do anything on a Saturday after a long work week is really upsetting. As adults, it feels like every day is Groundhog Day. The same old thing that you do is the first minute that the get out of the office, and there isn't a thing to do. Consider doing something completely different and out of character this weekend, unlike crowding around the local bar and getting boozed up or wasting whatever money available in the purse by visiting the mall. There are a ton of crazy things to do with friends, depending on how adventurous you want to be.

Do something thrilling this weekend that will create such memories which even thirty years later also you will still be asking "can you believe we did that?" You are only young once… literally. So, if you are going to do something crazy, now is the time. When you are old you never want to look back and say "I really should have done that time." While dying later, you should be able to check off your bucket list to be almost empty and hence be happy.

Try these 32 crazy things to do with friends
Doing things like Cow tipping or jetting off to the Sahara is really crazy ideas, but quite different from your personal experience. Sometimes crazy can be found in just doing something you wouldn't normally consider. 

Some may take more than a weekend, while others may be a day affair. Choose one or more of these crazy things to do with friends that call to you and would bring out your inner child.

#1 Go skydiving. If you haven't been skydiving, you haven't been living. It needs a lot of courage to go for skydiving but exciting for some, who can prove the capability. Find a reputable company and get jumping.

#2 Go bungee cord jumping. Bungee jumping is one of the most courage taking things to do and definitely one of the most out-there ideas when you're trying to think of the crazy things to do with friends. It could be the ride of your life better than any roller coaster ride that you have experienced, depending on what you jumping off.

#3 Crash a wedding. They won't get charged for the drinks if you don't show up for dinner, and you will have a dance floor to cut a rug.

The most fun part is trying to explain to everyone who you are and how you know the bride or the groom. You can make it up as you go along as you can talk about the story ahead of time, or for additional fun! 

#4 Find a famous rock band in the city. Rock bands have to stay somewhere after their performance, right? Go to town looking for your favourite band after the concert.

#5 Sneak backstage at your favourite concert. You have to be pretty creative and use many research tools, but if you are very determined, no one can stop you. This is one of the craziest things to do with friends!

#6 Vegas baby! An oldie, but really good. The best ever memories of your life… if you manage to make it through alive, only memories will stay with you. What happened in Vegas will stay there only. 

#7 Hunt down your crush. Might be long back you have had a crush on a girl or guy for a while.  You never had the guts to reveal it to your partner or friends. Now you can make a plan with a friend to seek them out have a visit and win them over. But either way, you won't be pinning for them anymore. Stalk them on social media to find out what they are doing and just go for it. 

#8 Train for a marathon… and run it! If you have a friend who is willing to commit, you can accomplish something pretty crazy. After all, what is crazier than running 26.2 miles? 

#9 Head out without a cell phone. There is no way to plan or to communicate with the outside world. 

#10 Make a scavenger hunt around town. Make a list of things that you have to find or ask other people for. 

#11 Throw a dart and take a trip. Select some world maps including the U.S. and the world, and start throwing some darts with friends, you can check your sharpness compared to others. Decide that where it lands is where you will go for the weekend. 

#12 Backpack across Europe. If you are going to go, does it while you're young, or life will get in the way. 

#13 Hit the thrift shops, Wear crazy outfits to the clubs with friends and have a great time. How crazy can you be? At least you know that anyone you meet isn't only in it just for your looks or sense of fashion style. 

#14 Go to Disney. You are never too young to be a kid again. Disney is just one of those things that shouldn't be missed. Might be you have done this never of before. But going together with friends definitely make it that much crazier.

#15 See the seven wonders in one week. Make a long-term plan to do something crazy. Commit to seeing all the Seven Wonders of the World all one by one at a time

#16 Go camping without a camper. But to those who grew up in the city, the thought of roughing-it is a very crazy notion.

#17 Try to break a Guinness World Record. There are a ton of world records to break. How crazy would it be to have your name in the book for all time?

#18 Design your own pub crawl. Pub crawls might be awesome for some but they are not hot favourites for all people to spend a major portion of the night. For a crazy night, design your own pub crawl. It doesn't have to be in the city or town where you live. In fact, perhaps the craziest part can be that you are doing it in some strange place. 

#19 Have Karaoke in a bar that doesn't have karaoke. Bring your own karaoke and niche out a place in the bar to have a good time. The best part is if the bar owner is okay with it, you won't have to wait for your song to be chosen.

#20 Try the polar bear club challenge. This is definitely one of the craziest things to do with friends! Try dipping in the water during frigid temperatures. So, make sure you bring a camera.  

#21 Go streaking. Do Streaking in a group with friends through a big event or a big get-together. Just make sure it is a surprise so that no one has a camera out. Also, have to be smart so that you don't get charged public indecency crime on your police permanent record!

#22 Sneak into multiple movies. Make it a whole day event seeing all the new releases. The contest can be made this way, to see how many of you can get through before you can't take any more or before you get spotted and kicked out.

#23 Scuba diving. It is a really good adventure for those people who love the game, especially underwater sports, may mean a great vacation too… but whatever! 

#24 Cliff jumping. In Cliff jumping you hit the water in the end, except for that it is similar to bungee jumping. In bungee jumping, you come back up to the jumping point. 

#25 Hijack a yoga class. Hijack a yoga class if you aren't a yoga-goer, get a group together and practice. Not so crazy, but really funny!

#26 Pull For the group work out an elaborate prank to be enjoyed by all. Just make sure that you pick someone who won't be offended or get pissed. And bring your phone along.

#27 Hit the water park… Get into water parks, let it be indoor or outdoor, no difference. You make your way down the water slides, you are never too old to grab an inner tube. 

#28 Go skinny dipping. Doing anything while being in public but naked, is really crazy and funny. 

#29 Go roller skating or join a roller derby league. You won't have much practice, as you have never done it since being a kid.  With roller skating making a comeback, it will make you feel prepubescent again.

#30 Unexpectedly head to the beach. Get in the car for a road trip or book a flight. Destination is good, both beach and bikini. 

#31 Go to a fraternity party long after you graduate. Likely, what they do at parties now is much different than what they used to. But, if you don't check it out, you won't know.

#32 Play hooky from work and hang out in your pyjamas drinking beer all day. Playing hooky isn't all that crazy, but it is the best thing ever. There is something amazing about knowing that you have responsibilities, but you just don't care.

As you get older, crazy becomes harder to get away with. Before life gets in the way, be sure you join your friends and try these crazy things. You will be really happy with your decision and won't regret it!