40 Dirty Pick Up Lines To Use On Men

What do you think the guys are only entitled to dirty talks and getting the real juice out of it? No, it is not always the same. Women with the arsenal of their dirty pickup lines can outdo the men and prevent men from having all the fun that entails to dirty talks.
To be true, dirty talks have that persona that turns both of the sexes and we tend to behave in the most unconventional and a naughty way. The erotic communications that we exchange with each other bring the wild side out of us. However, deep down there is more to it than just raising our sexual drive.   

The Science behind the Dirty talks and why Dirty Talks Make Us Horny

The human brain is the most sensitive part of the body that is stimulated by the dirty talks much earlier than the male genitalia. It is so because the neurotransmitters in the brain trigger the sex drive in us. More the intensity of the dirty talks more is the sexual pleasure. But, there is a difference between the functions of the erotic words on the male and female minds.
The hypothalamus has two areas, which distinguishes the functions of dirty words in the male and female brains. As per the study published in the Journal Hormone Research, the area in the brain responsible for the mating traits is found to be two times more than the women. This is the reason of the multiplied circulation of testosterone and contributes to the sex drive in men. On the contrary, women with a smaller hypothalamus and a lower testosterone flow are not intended to feel stronger sex drives as men do. As we enjoy dirty talks, it charges up all the regions of the brain and also stimulates the body. By now, you get it how the dirty phrases or talks can influence the sexual pleasure in both of you. To better the communication of dirty talks, you need to talk and fantasize to heighten the desire, though they do not turn into a reality.

No matter if you are eyeing a guy on a dating app or hitting a guy in a real life, a preparedness with a list of dirty pickup lines in your stock can help you in flirting. Not sure about the success of these lines, they are effective and useful to make the conversation keep going.
Here goes the list of dirty or erotic phrases to say to your man. Let us have a look at them and see if they really work or not.

1.       Are you the online product I have placed the order a couple of days ago?  ‘Cuz I cannot wait anymore to get you in my hands.
2.       Hey, are you an Uber Pool? Because I love the ride so much with you and I am also afraid someone may ruin the sensation of togetherness.
3.       Am I featuring in the episode of Fixer Upper?  The hardwood is just outstanding.
4.       My doctor advices me to take a sunbath to lower vitamin D deficiency. Wanna join to help me.
5.       In my college days, friends called me Vacuum Thingy. because I work smoothly and I love sucking also.  
6.       Don’t you want to know why am so tired? Because I have been doing Kegel all day long.
7.       Are you a supermarket sample piece? Because I would love to savor you repeatedly.
8.       Hey, do you want to give me an impromptu pedicure?  It feels bad not to shave earlier.
9.       Do you turn Uber Surge during a storm? If so, it feels excited to get down with wet clothes off me.
10.   You feel like wine tasting to me. I always prefer swallowing you to spitting you out.
11.   My to-do-list is having you in it tonight.
12.   The pair of trousers looks good on you. But, my floor will be mesmerized to have you on it.
13.   Let’s become carpenters. We will hammer each other first. And you will nail me later.
14.   Do you have a mirror in your pocket? ‘Cuz, your pants are reflecting my face.
15.   You are like hot chocolate. I want to lick you.
16.   Isn’t it so loud in here? Why not use my thighs as earmuffs?
17.   Want to shoot a porno? We just don’t need to record it.
18.   You seem like a fireman. Because your presence makes me wet.
19.   Ah! My hands are getting too cold. Would you mind if I put them in your pants to warm them?
20.   I wasn’t feeling well today, but you surely raised my vibes.
21.   Have you been a bad boy? Why not come to my room?
22.   Hey! No seats around. Would you let me sit on your lap?
23.   Did you just knock on my door? Come inside if you want to.
24.   Are you Richard? ‘Cuz I have been looking for Dick throughout the day.
25.   Your belt seems quite tight. Let me unloose it.
26.   Do you know carpeting? Because I want a deep penetration.
27.   I am soft. But, it seems you are bit strict.
28.   Do you like Mexican delicacies? Because you are giving a stir to my taco.
29.   Are you rains? If not, why am I wet then?
30.   Do you know the proper application of a whip?
31.   If you were with me in bed, there is no need of a comforter.
32.   Come to my place and let’s work on math tricks. Let’s add the bed, subtract our garments, divide your legs and multiply.
33.   Don’t waste the condom in your pocket. Rather, I am ready to be wasted.
34.   Do you love an Australian kiss? But I prefer French kiss down under.
35.    Breathe if you want to get off with me tonight.
36.   Would you lend me a kiss?  I promise to give it back.
37.   Did you ever see a girl popping a whole banana?
38.   Is there some space in your tongue to fit another?
39.   I am no more virgin. Can I have your virginity?
40.   Your body is Wonderland. And I want to be Alice.
Remember, the dirty pickup lines are not for everyone.  But, if you can manage to say any one of these, you can have an amazing night.