30 Cute Things To Say To Your Crush

Doesn’t your adrenaline rush and the heart throbbing double up when you see your crush passing by you? The palpitation coupled with perspiration on your foreheads adds to your trouble when you find yourself at a loss for words. You cannot muster enough courage to say about your feelings to your crush. And the anticipation you feel for not having seen him/her for a long time and waiting for the right time to make the eye contact, get your heart racing. There where you need a good sense of understanding to say the perfect things at the right moment. Or else, things could take a different turn.

The Behavioral State During Your Expression of Things to Your Crush

The expression of mind to them those who we like could be sometimes difficult. It could happen due to your nervousness paired with not having reciprocated them properly. If the person is meant for us, it doubles the tension and apprehension.
When it comes to saying those perfect and cute things to your crush, some important parameters must be considered.

Truth Is the Key

Always stick to your truth and avoid telling any lies. If you think they would impress them, it is not always effectual for you. If they do not accept for being what you are and being truthful, it is better to leave them midway. They are not meant for you.

Be Polite
It is not possible to make your crush fall for you if they feel you are mean. Maybe being sweet is a way of flirting, it may not work. So, try to be polite and sweet to yourself. It does not harm.

Be Unique

Those cheesy pick lines that you hear your celebrities saying on the screen would never work for you. Always try to be original and say what your heart feels. At the same time, talking to your crush in the most intimate way could just work for you. Do something that no one has done before.

Throughout the whole process, you have to keep your originality alive. Sometimes, a letter can spell the magic to express your interest towards your crush. However, your approach requires a lengthy technique.

By now, you got all the techniques to say the perfect words or things to your crush and now know the techniques of what to say. Techniques like singing a song, writing a letter or poem sound interesting. Whatever things you choose, say them in a light-hearted way.

Take a deep breath, start a brief conversation and be comfortable to say your lines.

#1.  What makes you look so beautiful every day?
#2. You don’t know how adorable you are.
#3. I can’t take my eyes off you. It just keeps happening.
#4. I am always attracted to you.
#5. I am captivated by your looks and it is so alluring. I must admire it.
#6. Your one little text, smile or a touch refreshes my mood like no other. Keep going.
#7. I cannot make out what I should do? Should I think of you or talk to you more. I think doing both simultaneously will be the best in the world.
#8. Your presence distracts me so easily. I cannot help it.
#9. I become a sleuth when I hear your voice. I try to trace it to find where you are. And I can see you all over again.
#10. No one has captivated me like you in the world. It feels great and I want to cling to you always and not let you go anywhere.
#11. One and only goal of my life is to be the reason that brings a smile to your face.
#12. The pop-up of your name on my home screen rejuvenates my mood. It creates a sensation in me.
#13. Nothing was perfect in my life until I put my eyes on you for the first time.
#14. I really want you to know about my feelings. I like you a lot.
#15. I smile only because of you.
#16. Sometimes, I fumble in your presence. But, when you smile at me, everything looks just insane.
#17. The alphabet arrangements are not in a proper order. Look at your phone keypad or your computer keyboard, U and I are in a perfect a way.
#18. It makes disappoint to leave you and go home alone. The only thing that cheers me up again is the thought of having you in my dreams.  
#19. It sends a chill down my spine when you look so hot.
#20. None of the cute things is enough to express my feelings for you.
#21. Why are we so apart when we like each other? Let’s be closer together.
#22. One single text message can from you makes my day. And my heart beats when I see you. I exist because you are there in my life.
#23. You must know that I no longer like you. Because I have started to love you more now.
#24. Beware! Santa may take you away and keep you in his bag. Don’t worry. I have put you on my wish list.
 #25. One sight of you makes me go weak at my knees. I cannot make out how to talk or react when you are near.
#26. My thought about love has changed ever since I have got you in my love.
#27. Not a single day passes by without the thoughts of yours. Ever since I have seen you, they have just become amazing.
#28. I no longer want to live without you. A day without you is a nightmare for me.
#29. My therapist wanted to find out the reason for me becoming crazy. I told it’s all because of you.
#30. Excuse me! Your closeness ruins my concentration. You steal all my attention.  
So, have it easy while saying your pick-up lines. Don’t be repeated with the lines those have already been used. Always use the unique lines. Believe it- they will work for you.